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2000 VW Jetta TDI

2000 VW Jetta TDI

2000 VW Jetta TDI

2000 Jetta TDI GL (MK4 ALH) a bit shy of 217,000 miles. I used to use B20 biodiesel from Propel Fuels, but switched to regular diesel since Costco started selling diesel a couple of years ago. My average mileage as far as I kept track was 45MPG. Best tank was 51MPG and worst tank (city driving only) was 38MPG.

5-speed manual transmission
Manual windows
Keyless entry/electronic locks (2 well used key fobs, 1 valet key)
Clean title

- New VW battery in June 2016
- Last oil change was at 210,000. 10,000 mile interval. I use Liqui Moly 5w40 Synthoil Premium Motor oil (made in Germany).
- Replaced all glow plugs Bosch at 205,000
- Thermostat replaced at 196,000.
- Changed the timing belt (including rollers and tensioner), serpentine belt and tensioner, water pump, and air filter at 192,000 miles. (100,000 mile complete timing belt kit from KermaTDI).
- Tires replaced (Michelin Pilot Exalto A/S) at 174,484 miles at Costco
- The brake pads and rotors were replaced in March 2008

- CD changer replaced with connector for external audio device (Ipod, etc). CD changer included, but you can"t have both installed at the same time.
- Injector nozzles replaced around 103,000 miles with slightly larger ones (Sprint 520s).

- One of the glovebox supports is broken. This is a common problem, which has existed since I bought the car. Easy fix but I never saw a compelling reason to do it.
- Drivers side rear seat does not fold down.
- Fuel tank door won"t lock
- Driver"s door locks sporadically when using key fob.

I also have a Rosstech VAG-COM cable which allows you to connect your computer to the car and do virtually anything a VW service computer can do.

Call 206-452-3716 if interested. Serious buyers only. $3000 No trades.
Location: Bellingham
Posted: Nov-08-16

Phone: (206)-452-3716