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2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Cheap! Come get it. 4x4

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Cheap! Come get it. 4x4

2000 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited. Cheap! Come get it. 4x4 - $1800

Lent my buddy some cash and he left me his Jeep and title for it. I have title in hand. He can"t pay me back, so hopefully I can get something back out of it. Needs tires, windshield and battery. Needs spark plugs and headlight bulbs too. It just sat for a few months. 160k. Full time awd and also has good working true 4x4 with 4-low. It had a minor side swipe sometime in its life, but it was repaired sufficiently, just not repainted same black as rest of truck. Looks good as you can see from pics.

I"m not even going to wash it and clean it as I"m too busy and not a car salesman. The 4.7L v8 runs fine, and the automatic transmission is strong. It idles low. No check engine or other lights. Current tabs and clean title. Blowing it out for $1800/obo!

Turn it into a true 4x4, slick it up and double your money, or service it a little and use it for a daily driver. I drove it to Mt Baker the other day, and besides the snow tires making noise; it did fine. I don"t have the time to prep it for a top dollar sale, so here is a chance to get a good ride for half of the fair blue book value. Call/Text me if you want to come check it out or have any questions.

Possible trade for really cool stuff, a little sports car, or a nice 2 stroke outboard over 100hp. Really just trying to get back some of the money I lost though, but I will barter. Keep in mind I"m asking bottom dollar for this, so don"t expect top dollar if you want to trade. Thank-you for checking out my ad. Call/text 3607390923 anytime if interested.

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Location: Bellingham
: Bellingham, WA (View map)
Posted: Aug-07-14

Phone: 3607390923